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Specialists in plan production / Scale Leaseplans for land registry lodgement.

Building layout

Building sq/ft plans:

Scaled layout plans to help catalogue a building. This has many uses including property management, re-structuring the layout or portfolio valuing.

Recent portfolios have uncovered thousands of extra sq/ft in buildings that the investment owners never know was theirs. We recently had one property that was 2500 sq/ft larger than they thought which valued the portfolio higher ready for the portfolio sale later that year.

Commercial energy usage plans:

The most important part of the commercial EPC (energy performance certificate) is having upto date accurate plans to calculate from. Often these DEA or surveyor is having to work with bits of building plans from over the years if any. Using old plans is laborious, costly and can be a very inefficient way of calculating the EPC.

Our draftsmen site visit and take accurate measurements of the whole building and can include full window schedules and room heights to help the DEA or surveyor accurately calculate the EPC. The rentable and sale value of your commercial building now takes into account the heating and running costs more than ever. By ensuring the calculations of the EPC are based accurately on the size of your building you help make sure you get the best rating possible for the energy performance certificate

Key Benefits

Accurate sq/ft and sq/m calculations for sale valuation or rentable value.
Used in property portfolios they give both the management company and the landlord an upto date overview of the property.
Amendment charges can be included in a one off price so if your acting on
behalf of your client you have a fixed final price.
Used to calculated commercial EPC's they offer easy to manage accurate plans at a price that can be cost effective against surveyor labor charges.


For regular clients special prices can be arranged. Lease plan prices start at £99.00 + VAT if you can supply the OS DXF files for the property and all internal plans needed.

*All prices are subject to VAT. Travel costs maybe incurred. A full quote will always be given before any work is undertaken.

We produce approximatley 300 plans per month of varying types. Our building layout plans can vary from property marketing floorplans for both residential and commercial to fire escape plans for hotels and carehomes.

We can provide accurate plans of any building including scaled plans if needed. Our plans can be used for property portfolios, for company relocatuon planning , for prooving rateable value of acommercial property to the council.

We bespoke quote all work to ensure you get exactly the p[lan you need. We have draftsmen that can site visit to plan your property and CAD operators that can work from supplied plans if you need existing plans updating or changing for a different use. Phone or e-mail Lease Plans Direct and we will supply what you need.