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Specialists in plan production / Scale Leaseplans for land registry lodgement.


"www.leaseplansdirect.co.uk an established company. We have been producing lease plans, scale plans and fire escape plans for all types of building for a decade.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and are proud to help hundreds of businesses nationwide each year upgrade their buildings safety with our fire escape floor plans. If you wish to talk to a member of staff please don't hesitate to contact us, I'm sure we can help.

Mr. James Lidgett: Director

We are a small firm with skilled dedicated staff Unlike a lot of planning companies we use a one person contact system to ensure you always speak to the person dealing with your account. That person will take your enquiry on and follow through from site visit to the final completion of the plan work. We have found this approach the only way to ensure mistakes and misinterpretation don't happen when on site. Lease plans can be very complicated things not only should the leased area be included and shown, the access by the leaseholder should be documented. i.e. communal areas including any storage, parking, access, shared facilities. Missing any off would mean the lease cannot be drafted with full compliance.

A stable market for us has always been the production of fire plans/ fire escape plans. All public accessed buildings require one and often they are out of date, inaccurate and illegible. These plans can be the single most important asset to a building when trying to evacuate. Nobody wants a fire and nobody wants blame if someone cant find their way out. Our plans are unique in the market not only showing exits but also extinguisher points. call or e-mail us for the full descriptions of how are fire plans can help protect your buildings visitors.

Not all leaseplan companies are the same .We pride ourselves on accuracy and undestanding our clients needs.We offer fast turnarrounds and competative prices but not at the cost of quality.