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Specialists in plan production / Scale Leaseplans for land registry lodgement.


Lease plans are not straight forward plans, there are companies that will supply scaled prints of the Ordinance Survey (OS) maps for you to file as lease plans. These plans will usually not be accepted by the Land Registry due to inaccuracies with the latest versions they hold. A basic OS map was created with the use or aerial photography which in its self is very accurate. But unless a Land Registry based RICS surveyor has been to site to verify the accuracy and make minor adjustments, the OS can and usually is wrong or out of date. Because the lease plans have only recently been made compulsory for lease applications the majority of properties don't have upto date plans. For example, we often find original OS maps don't show bay windows, don't include the ground area on flying freeholds (as they us the roof outline not ground outline), we even find extensions or outbuildings added over 20yrs ago are still missing from the current Land Registry files.

Key Benefits

Fast turnaround.
Accurate planning from on site survey.
Amendment charges can be included in a one off price so if your acting on
behalf of your client you have a fixed final price.
We are a UK based, VAT registered, limited company.


For regular clients special prices can be arranged. Lease plan prices start at £99.00 + VAT if you can supply the OS DXF files for the property and all internal plans needed.

All work is quoted bespoke to ensure that you a fixed price with no hidden charges. If amendments are needed the first set are free. The leaseplan price will depend on whether you need a draftsmen to site visit teh property or if you have sdcaled plans that you can supply.

A scaled land registry complaint site plan doesnot need internal areas planned if it os the entire property.
Land registry complaint lease plans need upto date internal layouts scaled.
All internal and external windows,doors,walls,fixtures WC's and sinks need to be included.

Not all lease plans supplier are the same. We have been called on many occasions to help correct leaseplans or siteplans tha have been rejected by the landregistry. It usually needs a re-visit to put right the plan, the land registry will close the account and you have to re-apply, you have extra solicitor charges for there time to re-lodge the new plan and you will have paid for two plans.

At Lease Plans Diract we never have plans rejected by the land registry. We do things correctly to ensure you get the accurate plan you need to represent your property.

*All prices are subject to VAT. Travel costs maybe incurred. A full quote will always be given before any work is undertaken.