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Specialists in plan production / Scale Leaseplans for land registry lodgement.


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Property planning for land registry lodgement


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Welcome to Lease Plans Direct

We can produce layout floor plans for buildings and site plans to help you or your business in a variety of ways. The main uses for our services are:

  • imageLease plans. Scaled plans needed for registering leases with the land registry.
  • imageFire escape plans. Used by any building that has public access.
  • imageBuilding sq/ft plans. Scaled layout plans to help catalogue a building. This has many uses including property management, re-structuring the layout or portfolio valuing.


We have been producing
lease plans, scale plans and fire escape plans for the all types of building for a decade.

We are proud to help
hundreds of businesses nationwide each year upgrade their buildings safety with our fire escape floor plans.

All public accessed buildings require a fire escape plan
The building manager is personally liable if one is not in place, is out of date or inaccurate/ illegible.

Do I need a leaseplan?

Since 2003 the Land Registry has required compliant lease plans with every new deed or for any application lodged with the Land Registry. If you don't have existing upto date plans detailing all areas and spaces included in your lease you will need a lease plan to accompany the lodgment of the properties lease

There are 29 individual criteria that each lease plan has to fulfill before the Land Registry will accept any lease plan. We take all the hassle and stress out of the process for you and can help your solicitor at any stage if special requirements are requested on a plan.

Our service is unique. Not just designed to supply the basics but to give you a full solution to your lease plan requirements. Lease plans can be very complex things. A good lease plan helps the solicitor draw up a more comprehensive lease helping protect all parties affected.

Why use US?

Our pricing is simple and condition free. We have a simple price structure including the site visit which is always needed for accurate results.
Site visits are always needed to create accurate leaseplans. Cheap lease plans without site visits will mean inaccuracies which will transfer to your lease.
Limited amendments are included and we can handle any Land Registry enquiries relating to the plan.
Scaled hard copies can be sent directly to the person filing the plans.
We specialise in scaled area plans. If you need to make sure you are getting the correct rent for a building based on its scaled plan sq/ft size we can help catalogue your portfolio.
Make sure the lease being drawn up is accurate to what the tenant should be renting and what they have access to, make sure it's site visited and fully documented, make sure you use Lease Plans Direct.

Contact Information

We are often out of the office on site visits. Please leave us a voice mail on the land line if no answer, we will get back to you asap. Alternatively we have provided one of the mobile numbers and an e-mail address that we can answer while on site.

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We offer a UK coverage using our own qualified staff.This enables us to offer unrivaled service and turnaround speed.The member or staff who site visits handles your order throughout the process so you dont deal with office staff who dont know the property..